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We were recently reading a blog article ‘The Coffee Shop Fallacy’ by Rob Fitzpatrick of the ‘start up toolkit’ web site.

We particularly like Rob’s work the Startup Canvas, having featured it oncoffee Desk Pic

other blogs we publish as a business, thinking about enterprise culture and how young people get started in business.

However, back to coffee…

Rob quotes Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal when younger, who espoused the idea that because people love a certain service or product, they think that they will derive even more pleasure and satisfaction from running a business in the same product or service.

The bitter reality for Levchin is that you actually have to be in love with the idea of running a business.

Starting a coffee business, mobile or building based, can be built on your love of Italy and getting that delicious sweetness and coffee sunshine in the cup.

However, the reality is early mornings, loading kit and supplies, arriving at venues with organisers unprepared for service delivery of our particular nature, wrangling with training issues, cash flow and security for your people and product in all their guises.

For Fitzpatrick the fallacy is the gap between the rosy remembrance of fabulous product or service and the often painful and fraught physicality of a startup. (How true: ed.)

However, we think you can have your cake and eat it! Yes you can strive to make great coffee, which your customers proceed to confirm to you, but you also need to believe in a business approach that fits with your ethics and have a desire to succeed that matches any business model for any service or product.

In other words, if you love coffee, but have or can acquire profound generic business skills you will succeed.

You can see Rob’s original post here.

Caffe Carino make great coffee.

We have been working on ideas to minimise our waste profile at Caffe Carino.

After an event or successful days trading on the coffee front we are planning to add to our sustainability by creating Just for Compost – a sealed bag of coffee grounds, perhaps nicely presented and labeled in a carton, which can then be distributed as compost to gardeinig clubs or allotment associations perhaps.


We see our Just for Compost product as a green, waterproof soft container, which itself will gracefully bio-degrade, tied tightly with recycled hemp string.

Here is a graphical impression of what the product may look like.

You can use Just for Compost to scatter around plants and plant beds, so that when it rains nitrogen is released into the soil.

Mixed with egg shells our Just for Compost will make a great insect repellant too.

Add grounds to water and let the container sit outside for a couple of hours to work the coffee magic, then apply to plants.

Caffe Carino – working to create a more sustainable environment, by reducing waste and landfill from the coffee vending industry.

If you’ve got a great coffee ground and gardening idea let us know and we’ll share it here.

The Guardian recently produced a long article on the state of coffeearabicaBeans farming and the production of the vital arabica beans.

Ironically, coffee prices have never been higher, but in the case history used to develop The Guardian’s article, in Uganda, some farmers are seeing their incomes fall in, or because of, a rising market.

Despite strong demand for hot cups of the best coffee the coffee farmers around Mount Elgon in Uganda are seeing their incomes fall, as their inability to generate yield in the face of increasing disease and pests in the coffee crop.

The arabica beans grow best in 18 – 23 degrees Centigrade, but with climate change and the surge in pests, The Guardian argues that the area around Mount Elgon could cease production of beans completely in the next decade.

There are a number of ironies in a rising market.

Incomes and the potential to supply are faltering in the face of climate change and pests, despite liquidity in the market.

The Guardian article highlights attempts to turn hillsides around the world back into lush forests in order to help stabilise climate change. However, the return to tropical forests does not, given that arabica grows in specific narrow band climatic conditions, totally assure the future of the market.

The heaviest irony of all is that our ability to process and distribute our product to the end user has never been more sophisticated; but what The Guardian does not analyse is the old politics of cash crop reliance.

If climate change persists the better, more rational human development opportunity, might be to explore other tropical leaning crops to sustain communities.

A provocative thought for a company involved in selling coffee!

You can read the full article from the economic section of The Guardian here.

The Caffe Carino Team

A design exercise by students at The Sheffield CollegeWe are delighted that a group of students on the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design course at Norton College: part of  The Sheffield College have taken up our challenge to create a brand new logo for our Caffe Carino brand.

The students are working to produce a suite of designs for the end of this month, which we will evaluate in concert with the design team from the college.

We will look to carry the winning design through into our print and web marketing, making sure that the winning designer receives full and enduring credit for their work.

We know all the design ideas will be great and would use them all if we had enough businesses…but we have only one Caffe Carino.

The winning design student will secure a prize of £200 and get to see their creative output on our chic coffee vehicles as they traverse the city in pursuit of coffee excellence.

Thanks to Norton College – part of  The Sheffield College for allowing the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design students to take up the challenge, which fits well with our social business/personal and creative development ethos.

We will certainly go back to our ‘creative team’ as other design challenges emerge.

Watch this space for some pictures of the consultation event…and the winning design of course.

We have finally come to rest with the deliberations over what to call our new mobile coffee service and events management operation.

The word is out – Caffe Carino.

Carino is ‘cute’ in Italian, not any reference to our team members obviously, but certainly for our range of mobile vehicles built for us by Coffee Latino.

We will be featuring their innovative designs and producing a gallery for our clients as soon as we take delivery of our first unit.

The new web site for the coffee business is being prepared and you can see some holding pages at

We are now working to get our distribution warehouse open before Christmas and to publish formally our range of services, prices and where you can find us in the next twelve months.

If you are interested in our new coffee business, or would like information for your event – just email for details.

Don’t forget you can see the full range of our company services here –

We have a mission!

To deliver the best mobile coffee service in the North of England…

We are currently working on our vehicles, Anna is compiling our marketing database  and Tim is in the North collecting all the bits needed to open our new Sheffield storage facility.

We love coffee, we love events and promotions. We want to use our skills to promote your business, but along the way create training and employment opportunities for young people.

Coffee is in demand and there is a real thirst for new skills in the current economic climate. Our aim is to serve up both to the best of our ability.