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An image of a coffee plant in bloomWe recently came across a great list on the web of the word for coffee in over sixty languages.

Only goes to show what a great drink coffee is and how pervasive it is in world culture.

You can read more about coffee in other languages here on this web page.

Wikipedia describes coffee like this…

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries, cultivated primarily in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Green unroasted coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world.

Due to its caffeine content, coffee often has a stimulating effect on humans.

Today, coffee is the third most popular drink in the world, behind water and tea

We just love that last sentence.

Coffee plants are all members of the plant family Rubiaceae, of the order Gentianales. There are some 13,413 species in the world, it is reckoned.

The oldest fossil record of coffee plants go back some 48-49 million years.

Although one suspects that pre-historic man and woman did not enjoy their flavoursome get up and go cup in the morning from one of our stylish gull-wing coffee trucks.

(In Zulu coffee isikhofi by the way).

The Caffe Carino Team

You can now get our coffee blog news on your mobile phone or portable device.

The newsfeed has been reformatted and will look good, and informative, on your smaller screen device.

Access to the mobile blog pages can be through the ‘mobile blog’ button on the front page of our Caffe Carino website.

Or, if you have a QR reader in your phone, take a photograph from this screen of the QR image above and navigate directly to our mobile newsfeed.

You can find our mobile page here.

Keeping you informed on the coffee front – Caffee Carino.


Image: l/r Deborah Pinder, Tim Smith, Liam Warsop, Anna Phipps and Paul Clarkson.

Yesterday we had our presentation to the successful graphic designer Liam Warsop, who created our new logo to support the Caffe Carino brand.

The successful design is displayed behind the group in this photograph.

Liam is a student on the Foundation Graphic Design course at Norton College, part of The Sheffield College.

The cheque and our gratitude was presented to Liam by Anna Phipps, Head of Operations at Caffe Carino. Anna thanked Liam …for his inspirational work and was delighted to see both how much new technology the college makes available to students, but also how supportive and creative the atmosphere at the College was.

Liam was supported at the ceremony by Paul Clarkson, Graphic Design Lecturer at Norton College and by Deborah Pinder, Enterprise Development Manager for the College.

Tim Smith, a director of JFC (Yorkshire) Limited the Caffe Carino parent company, told Liam …how delighted the team were to have their new logo, and that the team would watch Liam’s graphic design career with interest.

Norton College Foundation Graphic Design students are shortly to go to New York as part of their studies and we hope the additional prize funds come in useful.

Thanks to Norton College for making us so welcome – we hope to return with more design competitions and prizes in the future.

You can see our Design page on the Caffe Carino website here.

Caffe Carino logoWe were delighted to be able to offer students on the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design at Norton College: part of  The Sheffield College  the opportunity to try out their skills in designing a new logo for Caffe Carino.

Our thanks to the design team and to Paul Clarkson of Norton College: part of  The Sheffield College for supporting the students and facilitating the design process.

The winning design, above, was created by Liam Warsop. A lively, informative image which captured the essence of our business, without the need for additional words we felt. You can see Liam’s work now featured on the Caffe Carino website.

Fantastic Liam, we shall look for your future work with great interest.

The rest of the design team also produced highly innovative and stylish designs. There is a small gallery of their work on our coffee design page on the Caffe Carino main website. Have a look and see some great design from students at  Norton College: part of  The Sheffield College.

We’ll be featuring images of the award to Liam, with his permission, on our pages too. Check back for a coffee break!

We would not hesitate to consult any member of the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design team for inspiration and delivery – although we could only have one finalist on this occasion.

Great coverage this week of coffee and street trading of the classiest sort.

streetVending1850The British Street Food Awards 2010 winners were announced with coffee well featured in the awards.

Ca Phe VN were awarded best cold drink for their fine creation using Vietnamese coffee. As mobile/street traders of high quality refreshment you can find the best source of Vietnamese coffee at their Saigon Street Cafe in Broadway Market, London E8 on Saturdays.

Winner of the Best Looking Mobiler Category was Lulabelle’s Lunches. Their website is a masterful and minimalist creation, and their VW design looks great.

We think these awards are another marker of change for British tastes in mobile and street catering. With really fine food, well thought out and effectively and attractively delivered to the customer – a great aspiration and model for the growing Caffe Carino team.

You can hear the latest Radio 4 Food Programme featuring street food here – whilst the BBC iPlayer link is still live.

You can find the British Street Food Awards 2010 web page here.