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hawaiiPicAs part of our occasional series on coffee on holiday we recently came across the Beach Bum Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The owner of the Beach Bum Cafe, Dennis McQuoid, has developed a new philosophy for Hawaii…

…our coffee is roasted in very small batches to ensure your get freshest coffee possible. The best way to brew fresh coffee is in small quantities, by hand, one cup at a time – or you could say, as a ‘microbrew’.

At Caffe Carino we couldn’t agree more. This is our approach to serving great espresso from our Italian trucks. Fresh every time, by hand and in front of the customer.

We thought it was interesting that across the islands this was a new concept, although coffee in Hawaii isn’t. Coffee bushes arrived in the islands in the 1800’s and recent production across the islands exceeded 6 million green pounds.

The web pages of the Hawaiian Coffee Association has more on coffee in the islands, its history and the trade

At BBC the McQuoid team serve single estate Hawaiian coffee, offering their customers some very intense flavours, as well as blends from across the islands to accompany their Hawaiian pastries. Sounds fabulous.

So, if you find yourself walking down Bishop Street in Honolulu this summer, drop in and sample the flavours and send us a taste report. How does the Beach Bum Cafe coffee compare to our Sheffield roasted, graded and packed freshness?

fivestarspic6We recently had our business inspected by the food safety team at Sheffield City Council.

We are delighted to have been awarded five stars for the quality of our hygiene systems, preparation and delivery.


Anna Phipps of Caffe Carino said…

We are really pleased with our level of achievement. Our team take real care and our baristas have a great passion for the delivery of really good coffee to our customers and clients.

It’s fantastic that our back office systems, when subject to independent scrutiny, match the taste of our great coffee.

Thank you to Kevin, Tom and Jacqui for all their hard work and energetic coffee making.

Caffe Carino use the best coffee beans from Limini Coffee, who have their beans roasted in Sheffield (…see more of the new Limini blend here).

We believe that good hygiene practices and superb local products from our suppliers all contribute to great tasting drinks for our customers.

Have you had a cup of Caffe Carino today yet?