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coffeeCupPic55The office is crowded. Your home workspace is full of cats and children. Head for town and get your laptop active in the nearest coffee shop.

Helping your creative or administrative juices get flowing with a great espresso. But where to go…? You need WorkSnug on your mobile phone.

This is great web resource for finding laptop working, mobile coffee drinking office nomad workspaces. The WorkSnug mantra is ‘…connecting mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work’.

Great for laptop friendly coffee shops, you can download a mobile app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Nokia devices.

The WorkSnug team have created an etiquette for coffee shop laptop ramblers too. It offers you ten rules for useful, considerate and reflective use of the coffee shop – in return for drinking some great coffee too, of course.

Useful pointers like don’t yell into your headset, check-in on Facebook to promote your new found space, don’t make calls without a head set and always, always be polite to coffee shop staff!

You can find the Code of Conduct for road warriors on the WorkSnug blog here.

Great coffee, hot laptop and Skype connected…you might even get some work done.

cuncodeCupPicWe recently came across this new concept – digital fabrication.

The design company team at cunicode set themselves the target of designing and creating a new coffee cup every day for a month.

You can see the results of their energy and imagination here. The concepts they work with are a long way from the potters wheel and the handcrafted cup.

I suspect to completely stock a coffee shop with these products would be a very expensive exercise indeed, at thirty to forty euros a go. However, as single ‘coffee art’ purchases for the discerning buyer they make a statement without doubt.

The finished products can be from Glazed Ceramics at Shapeways.

Have a look at the cunicode site, to see digital representations of the finished cups.

Really great coffee should have a really great cup, of course.

shoppingcartPic5We have just launched our online retail coffee and tea supply pages.

Our new shop page offers everyone a fantastic range of coffee. Whether you need to top up with that quick instant for the office, or something rather more special, which we recommend, then you will find something on our shop pages.

There is a great range of speciality teas available too. Why not try a warming fruit tea during the coming winter nights?

You can also find a very wide range of coffee making machinery, from a fantastic range of manufacturers, to suit every budget and taste.

Whether you are looking for the full bean to cup machine or just a simple tea press, then you can see a great range of products and prices – and read other customer reviews too.

When you add to your shopping cart, our shop and it’s deliveries are powered by, we never see your financial or delivery instructions ever – you can click with confidence.

Why not get that coffee maker for Christmas this year?