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hawaiiPicAs part of our occasional series on coffee on holiday we recently came across the Beach Bum Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The owner of the Beach Bum Cafe, Dennis McQuoid, has developed a new philosophy for Hawaii…

…our coffee is roasted in very small batches to ensure your get freshest coffee possible. The best way to brew fresh coffee is in small quantities, by hand, one cup at a time – or you could say, as a ‘microbrew’.

At Caffe Carino we couldn’t agree more. This is our approach to serving great espresso from our Italian trucks. Fresh every time, by hand and in front of the customer.

We thought it was interesting that across the islands this was a new concept, although coffee in Hawaii isn’t. Coffee bushes arrived in the islands in the 1800’s and recent production across the islands exceeded 6 million green pounds.

The web pages of the Hawaiian Coffee Association has more on coffee in the islands, its history and the trade

At BBC the McQuoid team serve single estate Hawaiian coffee, offering their customers some very intense flavours, as well as blends from across the islands to accompany their Hawaiian pastries. Sounds fabulous.

So, if you find yourself walking down Bishop Street in Honolulu this summer, drop in and sample the flavours and send us a taste report. How does the Beach Bum Cafe coffee compare to our Sheffield roasted, graded and packed freshness?

fivestarspic6We recently had our business inspected by the food safety team at Sheffield City Council.

We are delighted to have been awarded five stars for the quality of our hygiene systems, preparation and delivery.


Anna Phipps of Caffe Carino said…

We are really pleased with our level of achievement. Our team take real care and our baristas have a great passion for the delivery of really good coffee to our customers and clients.

It’s fantastic that our back office systems, when subject to independent scrutiny, match the taste of our great coffee.

Thank you to Kevin, Tom and Jacqui for all their hard work and energetic coffee making.

Caffe Carino use the best coffee beans from Limini Coffee, who have their beans roasted in Sheffield (…see more of the new Limini blend here).

We believe that good hygiene practices and superb local products from our suppliers all contribute to great tasting drinks for our customers.

Have you had a cup of Caffe Carino today yet?

mobileCoffeeExperimentArchitecture students in California are working on some fabulous and interesting designs for a mobile coffee cart.

Using new plastics donated by the Mitsubishi Corporation, staff and students at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco are busy creating a structure using this new material that pushes the envelope of design and utility.

They are certainly creating a coffee cart like no other. The modular, sectional build can be used, when finished for a variety of retail vending situations.

From the photographs available we can see that coffee dispensing in large internal floor space areas would be an ideal outcome for this piece of innovative design.

Have a look to at the images here, you need to use your imagination, but there is coffee magic in there…

The originating article for this blog is available at the online version of designboom – a world class design resource.

Caffe carino on the radioAnna at Caffe Carino has this week recorded an interview with BBC Radio Sheffield.The radio broadcast covers the areas of operation for Caffe Carino and how, as a young graduate, Anna chose the route of starting a business in Sheffield to kick start her career development.

With the sound of our Fracino coffee machine gurgling in the background you can hear the Caffe Carino team at work, as Anna describes the pleasures and pitfalls of the coffee life.

Adding her qualifications in food hygiene and catering management to her successful graduate studies in Business & Hospitality, Anna and her team can deliver great coffee and refreshments to your event, corporate occasion or private hire.

See our booking form on our Caffe Carino home page.

BBC Radio Sheffield – broadcast between 7.00am and 8.00am on Tuesday, 3rd May 2011. (Podcast available here after the broadcast…)

coffeeEntrepreneurPicWe were really pleased to see a feature on Anna at Caffe Carino in Enterprise Express this week.

This weekly e-publication for small businesses, created by the Federation for Small Businesses, is a great resource for traders and business people both in food and drink and across all other business sectors in South & East Yorkshire.

Anna is very happy to offer insights into starting a new business, reflecting upon both the current economic climate and getting started in business as a young person too.

We think her passion for good coffee shines through, as well as her drive to create a viable business that will create employment for other young people too.

You can read Anna’s Enterprise Express feature on our in the press page here.

You can find the home page for the FSB in South and East Yorkshire here.

If you would like to join the FSB you can see the membership benefits and rates here.

coffeeJouliesPicWe came across another fascinating aspect in the development of the rituals around coffee and how we drink it.

Coffee Joulies are an innovative piece of engineering, as well as an example of how young people with technical skills and drive can add new products to our long established industry.

What are Coffee Joulies?

Coffee Joulies are miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices. They cool your coffee by absorbing excess thermal energy when it is too hot. This energy is stored inside the Joulies. When your coffee reaches the right temperature, the Joulies slowly release this stored energy, keeping your coffee at the right temperature.

The Two Daves, inventors and coffee entrepreneurs from California have launched their product on Kickstarter – a web site for developing new products and finding backers. They broke their funding ceiling for Coffee Joulies in just three days.

Their product has resonance for us, based in Sheffield, as they have discovered that they can use existing cutlery making technology to bulk manufacture their product. Instead of making knives, their supplier can make their stainless steel coffee beans.

You can follow their fortunes and see them talking about Joulies on the Kickstarter web site here. There is a short film on the site that shows the manufacturing process and how they have been making the prototypes by hand – awesome.

The Coffee Joulies web site is at

A great example of innovation in coffee technology. Keep your coffee at just the right temperature longer, by dropping in a couple of Joulies…


Coffee Truck Pic 5We took delivery of our new gull-wing coffee truck from Coffee Latino

this weekend.

The innovative design allows Caffe Carino to prepare great coffee for our customers from the rear of the vehicle, with walk up and view from both sides of the truck too.

We love our new truck. Although we haven’t had time to ‘wrap’ the truck and our service vehicle with our logo and image collage yet, the appeal of the unit is still apparent.

The lightness of the vehicle is counterbalanced by the design and engineering skill which goes into the build. It is easy to connect and tow for our coffee crew, but can still be driven into its night time storage unit under its own power.

For journeys to events at a greater distance the truck has a minimum kerb weight of 230 kg and a width of only 1,260mm making it easy to ramp onto a modestly sized trailer.

Charging the batteries is a simple one plug connection to the mains, a great improvement for those members of our crew old enough to remember industrial battery racks and early morning swap-outs.

Our first gull-wing unit is engineered with Fracino coffee machine and grinder, with extensivecoffee Machine Mobile pic bulkhead and roof meshed in powder coated black panels for hanging baskets and hooked displays.





The refrigerated draw immediately below the coffee machine can hold sixteen litres of fresh milk.

All in all, a great mobile solution, which offers ease of operation and real eye appeal for our customers.

Don’t forget you can contact the Caffe Carino team for all your mobile coffee needs, whether an event, private hire or a full corporate service occasion.

We are always happy to help.  Click the ‘towed unit’ image below to see our contact details…

towed Unit Black 3

We have been working on ideas to minimise our waste profile at Caffe Carino.

After an event or successful days trading on the coffee front we are planning to add to our sustainability by creating Just for Compost – a sealed bag of coffee grounds, perhaps nicely presented and labeled in a carton, which can then be distributed as compost to gardeinig clubs or allotment associations perhaps.


We see our Just for Compost product as a green, waterproof soft container, which itself will gracefully bio-degrade, tied tightly with recycled hemp string.

Here is a graphical impression of what the product may look like.

You can use Just for Compost to scatter around plants and plant beds, so that when it rains nitrogen is released into the soil.

Mixed with egg shells our Just for Compost will make a great insect repellant too.

Add grounds to water and let the container sit outside for a couple of hours to work the coffee magic, then apply to plants.

Caffe Carino – working to create a more sustainable environment, by reducing waste and landfill from the coffee vending industry.

If you’ve got a great coffee ground and gardening idea let us know and we’ll share it here.

coffeeservicePicYou can register for Caffe Culture 2011 online from today.

This essential coffee trade event will take place at Olympia in London on 18th and 19th May 2011.

You can register for free here…

The list of exhibitors at this years event is available here…

You can see the transport connections for Olympia on this Caffe Culture page. See you there?

Adding capacity to our spaces picWe have recently completed some developments at our distribution space in Sheffield.

Our site now has additional storage units installed to securely store our coffee trucks and their supporting equipment.

The process was dramatic, with a very large lorry, a hydraulic crane and one man achieving the lift and location in some very tight corners of our site.

Still as a proof of concept we now know we can add secure, water tight storage to our site with relative ease. As the vehicle and trailer carrying its large loads loomed in our gateway on a wet, grey day…that wasn’t always the case.

The refreshment of our office space and network services have also been installed and completed. It is totally amazing how much energy and dedication our crew have put in in order to get some great coffee to our customers.

We’re pretty sure that this back-office system development for our business will never really end,  just part of growing an enterprise and developing our spaces and systems as we go. Developing our support services

We talk about ‘our team’ a lot, but it is especially after the last few days that we really appreciate what diverse experience and dedication is bought to bear on our  business development ideas.

Although, after a week of concentrating on nuts and bolts, quite literally, it will be nice to get back to thinking about coffee service and our marketing again.

You can now write to the coffee crew at…

Caffe Carino, JFC Distribution Space, Dannemora Drive, Greenland Road, Sheffield, S9 5DF.

Caffe Carino – lifting coffee to an new level.