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…we haven’t done one our our occasional coffee holiday features for some time.

We have been busy relocating the centre of operations for JFC Distribution to our Cambridge base, but the recent burst of good weather and warm winds set us thinking about good places to get close to the bean and the break. have a great Tropical Ranch and Coffee Plantation, Brazil holiday on their web pages. If horses, mountain views and fresh Brazilian coffee in the morning are your thing then check out these pages.

A nice quote from the web site put us in holiday mood immediately…’There is no set breakfast time, you can eat anytime between 7am and lunch; with lunch being the most important meal of the day for Brazilians then getting some plantation visits in might just be a problem as nightfall advances, after your day of dining and horse riding.

The horses for guest at the ranch are Lusitanos and Mangalargas, and you can see the on-line gallery for a better view here.

You can check availablility, review prices and contact the ranch direct from this page.

Located in the northernmost part of the state of Parana, on the banks of the beautiful and unpolluted Paranapanema River, this farm has been in the family since 1928. Coffee has been grown here ever since and the hosts presently own about 750 acres of the original plot (about 40% of their overall property is protected forest).

If you like horses, great coffee, good food and far away places – this could be the holiday destination for you next year.

(Coffee holidays is part of an occasional Just for Coffee series – no money changed hands: Ed.)