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Great coverage this week of coffee and street trading of the classiest sort.

streetVending1850The British Street Food Awards 2010 winners were announced with coffee well featured in the awards.

Ca Phe VN were awarded best cold drink for their fine creation using Vietnamese coffee. As mobile/street traders of high quality refreshment you can find the best source of Vietnamese coffee at their Saigon Street Cafe in Broadway Market, London E8 on Saturdays.

Winner of the Best Looking Mobiler Category was Lulabelle’s Lunches. Their website is a masterful and minimalist creation, and their VW design looks great.

We think these awards are another marker of change for British tastes in mobile and street catering. With really fine food, well thought out and effectively and attractively delivered to the customer – a great aspiration and model for the growing Caffe Carino team.

You can hear the latest Radio 4 Food Programme featuring street food here – whilst the BBC iPlayer link is still live.

You can find the British Street Food Awards 2010 web page here.