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coffeeJouliesPicWe came across another fascinating aspect in the development of the rituals around coffee and how we drink it.

Coffee Joulies are an innovative piece of engineering, as well as an example of how young people with technical skills and drive can add new products to our long established industry.

What are Coffee Joulies?

Coffee Joulies are miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices. They cool your coffee by absorbing excess thermal energy when it is too hot. This energy is stored inside the Joulies. When your coffee reaches the right temperature, the Joulies slowly release this stored energy, keeping your coffee at the right temperature.

The Two Daves, inventors and coffee entrepreneurs from California have launched their product on Kickstarter – a web site for developing new products and finding backers. They broke their funding ceiling for Coffee Joulies in just three days.

Their product has resonance for us, based in Sheffield, as they have discovered that they can use existing cutlery making technology to bulk manufacture their product. Instead of making knives, their supplier can make their stainless steel coffee beans.

You can follow their fortunes and see them talking about Joulies on the Kickstarter web site here. There is a short film on the site that shows the manufacturing process and how they have been making the prototypes by hand – awesome.

The Coffee Joulies web site is at

A great example of innovation in coffee technology. Keep your coffee at just the right temperature longer, by dropping in a couple of Joulies…